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  • Wednesday ,30 September 2020

Toward the re-liberating of the Egyptian woman

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Wednesday ,30 September 2020

Toward the re-liberating of the Egyptian woman

 I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the title of this article does not call for the liberation of Egyptian women, but rather to the re-liberation of them since our history respects women starting from the Pharaonic era till today.

It is true that the status and position of the Egyptian woman in society was exposed to setbacks in periods when the Egyptian civilization itself was suffering.  Women are a main pillar in society, a partner for men in all aspects of life, and they are the backbone of the family.
In Upper Egypt we see women working next to men in the land and raises the children and manages the household affairs. She is very respectful and this never contradicts with men s honor. So, if modern times have added to this great legacy, it improved the girl s education and allowed her to join the public and political work and to obtain the right to vote. We must carefully monitor any forms of discrimination against women and hasten to confront them.
Women re-liberating is the responsibility of both women and men and any rights she gets adds to those of men not take away from his rights. This is not a favor on the part of the man, but a duty to develop our society.
In this regard, I recall the saying of the friend, Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, professor of political sociology and founder and president of the Ibn Khaldun Center to development studies, when he said: Even if all men gathered together and unanimously agreed to give women all their rights, then this is considered very insulting to women, because the man does not grant or deny the rights of women, but all her rights are original, inviolable, and acquired because she is half of society and a man s partner in everything. Today, Watani newspaper presents (Because I am a man) a campaign to educate young men and men about women s issues and protect them from violence. This campaign was launched in 2017 by The National Council for Women aiming to involve young people in spreading awareness of women s issues.
Time is changing and women are getting their rights back, and men should support this approach in order to get a win-win situation and to unite the society based on greater aim.