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  • Friday ,25 September 2020

China secret

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,26 September 2020

China secret

From the last statistic we see for Covid 19, it doesnt seem that we are close to celebrating the end of this pandemic. Cases recently increased everywhere in the world including Europe and the United states. 

One thing we need to notice while the disease spread everywhere is that China has had no deaths due to this disease for a long time. We see cases still in China but we never see people died from this disease. 
Unfortunately, The super power countries are not recognizing whats happening and they never tried to ask China why they never suffer from more death cases while they are losing new souls everyday. 
China has a secret and it doesnt want to release this secret, and the WHO and the United Nations have to play a role in understanding what happened and how it can use the chinese method to reduce deaths around the world.
In conclusion, China has a secret and the superpowers are required to find out this secret.