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  • Monday ,21 September 2020

Liberal campaigns and their danger in Egypt

by Rev. Sameh Fawzi Abdel Malak

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Friday ,18 September 2020

Liberal campaigns and their danger in Egypt
Liberal education tries to pretend to be exporting a free person without control or limit. Such freedom extends to discussing important issues inside the Church such as : Interpretation of the Bible and the issue of the concept of divine revelation or the issue of ordaining women a priest or the writings of the Old Testament.
 The definitions of liberal education may be broad, generalized, and sometimes contradictory, with the knowledge that liberal education was restricted during the barbarism of the early Middle Ages until it rose to a prominent position again in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, as the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries witnessed a revolution against narrow spirituality and teachers began to focus on man, not God.
This humane approach decided to focus on reason, nature and aesthetics, and from here this education began to spread educational poisons on the simple people by some religious leaders who try to change what is already set by the church two thousand years ago like the concept of salvation, Christ atonement, and didn t hesitate to attack the Holy Bible!
We find honest people judged for their honesty by others who receive money to spread deviation.  I believe that the Church of God will stand against all trials, and will stay blessed for ever.