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  • Friday ,18 September 2020

Mortdada Mansour

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,20 September 2020

Mortdada Mansour

Imagine someone insulting everyone and in everytime and the law freezes toward punishing him and no one can bring him to justice. 

Unfortunately, that behaviour from that person gives the wrong impression about Egypt and the law in Egypt. Recently, he insulted the previous coach who decided to leave the club and signed a contract with a Saudi club and also insulted many people who work in the sports media.
Previously he insulted the chief of Al-ahly club and previous player in this club and although that Captain Al-Khateeb went and complained against him in the court, however, there is no action has been taken against this person. 
Mortada Mansour represents absence of law in Egypt and clear Example that the political regime is corrupted and can go and ask the poor people to pay a fine for building without a license but cant stand against Mortada Mansour and bring him to the court. 
In conclusion, the law is absent in Egypt and the president and the government only apply it on the poor people.