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  • Wednesday ,16 September 2020

Freedom of the press and Christian belief

by Sameh Sami

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Wednesday ,16 September 2020

Freedom of the press and Christian belief
The press thrives more with freedom, and innovates in a politically and intellectually healthy society. The press should be free, and has to work against all falsehood and deception. Therefore, the journalist is controlled by his conscience, his vision and his ideas, and laws can t prevent deception.
A journalist is able to accuse people without insulting them. Law can t prevent him from doing this, but his concience should. Thus, we need to reply to any accusations and deny them using words and not law.
It should also be noticed that attacking a book usually increase its selling rates and this is exactly what happened with the jorrnalist Sara Allam whom a bishop had filed law suit against.
I believe that press should be free though I disagree with Sara Allam. We need to defend freedom of speech and journalism because we really need free journalism.