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  • Friday ,11 September 2020

Losing the hope

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,12 September 2020

Losing the hope

Sisis policies will lead to a big disaster in the near future for Egyptian and for himself. Sisi recently wants to push all Egyptians to pay the price for previous corrupt governments. 

Sis wants poor Egyptians who suffer from inflation and poor services to pay more money for the government when they barely can afford their living.
Sisi keeps putting pressure on Egyptian but Im not sure if Egyptian will keep absorbing this pressure without consequences that might lead Egyptians to go on another strike against this endless pressure. 
Once thing everything wonders now who comes with such decisions? Sisi doesnt have a party to support him and plan for such policies, also, Members of the parliament never engaged in discussion in the parliament to discuss such issues affect most of Egyptian. 
In conclusion, I invite Sisi to stop surprising Egyptian with such decisions that could lead to a new revolution against his rule.