• 08:17
  • Tuesday ,08 September 2020

Thanks America!

by Abdel Moneim Badawy

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Tuesday ,08 September 2020

Thanks America!

 It was  very strange to hear this news, but it is very true! The American Congress has reduced the American aid submitted to Ethiopia, for its decision to unilateral filling of the Renaissance Dam reservoir, before signing the binding agreements to fill the reservoir.

A bold American decision that should have been taken by the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, which Egypt stands by, and takes hostile situation to Iran and Turkey for their sake.
This is a brave American decision that raised many questions in my head: Is America a friend or enemy? Is it the land of freedoms and democracy, or is it the Great Satan? Is it justice, freedom and equality, or is it the hostile and and violence of Iraq war and injustice and domination? Does Amercia represents Christianity tolerance, forgiveness and charity, or the supporter of the Crusades, Zionism, Freemasonry and its ambitions in the East!
Is it simply good or evil? Questions revolve in my head looking for an answer to hear!