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  • Monday ,31 August 2020

A Tourist s Journey

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Friday ,28 August 2020

A Tourist s Journey

 The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced that the propaganda film  A Tourist s Journey  in Egypt, launched by the ministry last Juneas part of the "Same Great Feelings" international promotional campaign has achieved positive results on various social media platforms, in conjunction with the resumption of inbound tourism to Egypt. 

The campaign sought to communicate and interact with the public in the main countries exporting tourism to Egypt, informing them of the precautionary measures and health safety controls in place, highlighting the diversity and distinction of the Egyptian tourism product and destination, and that the precautionary measures did not affect the tourists  enjoyment of their holidays in the picturesque Egypt 
Tariq Hosni, advisor to the minister of tourism for strategic studies and marketing, explained that the film achieved a very high viewership as the film achieved 77 million views on Google, 80 million views on Facebook, and 4 million views on Twitter, in addition to 3.6 million views on TikTok, and about a million views on Snapchat, which contributed to significantly improving the image of Egypt and to promote its tourism.