• 11:23
  • Monday ,24 August 2020

Double Price!

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Monday ,24 August 2020

Double Price!

Sisi announced lately to increase the price of the metro ticket to almost 66% which means more expenses on the shoulder of the Egyptian family. 

Its normal to increase the fees of public transportation but its not normal to increase it by 66% percent at one time. Normally, all countries increase prices from 2 to 5%.
If we want our citizens to accept any increase in prices, this increase has to be reasonable and in the range that the normal citizen can afford.   
If we had a look at who rides the metro, we will find that the most poor and middle class are the most to use this public transportation and thats why its very important to make this means of transportation available for them at a reasonable price. 
In conclusion, The government must find new ways to show Egyptian that they search for alternatives to reduce pressure on the Egyptian family.