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  • Monday ,24 August 2020

Icons of the Virgin

by Samia Ayad

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Friday ,21 August 2020

Icons of the Virgin

 For her great position in the Holy Bible and Christianity, the Virgin Mary was demonstrated in a variety of scenes in Coptic art, Christian icons and drawings, and her pictures spread in all churches of the world.

HG Bishop Martiros, the General Bishop, in his article  The diversity of the appearance of the Mother of God in icons  explained to us that Saint Luke the physician was the first to draw an icon of the Mother of God carrying her son, the Lord Jesus. Then, her pictures were painted on the walls of the dimes places under the floor of the ancient city of Rome, and then her pictures spread in the churches of the whole world with various scenes and forms expressed by Christian art.
The various icons and drawings of the Virgin Mary were depicted in several scenes that have specific connotations, among which it was explained that she has always been virgin, the second heaven, the queen, the mother of God, and higher than the cherubim and the seraphim. The images also highlighted several symbols associated with the Virgin, such as the bush, the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant and the ladder of Jacob.
Many purposes and specific connotations, whether theological, spiritual or doctrinal, were demonstrated in the icons of the Holy Virgin Mary about whom Saint Cyril of Alexandria says: (Peace be to Mary, the Mother of God, the precious treasure, the lamp that is never extinguished, the crown of virginity, and the rod of Orthodoxy).