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  • Tuesday ,18 August 2020

Political Prisoners

by Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Tuesday ,18 August 2020

Political Prisoners
Prisons are filled with many political prisoners, and outside the prison their relatives, friends and loved ones wish them out and hope they receive amnesty. In fact, life is full of wonders and many political prisoners in history were imprisoned and then took prominent offices. 
For example: Makram Ubaid Pasha, who was arrested by the government of the delegation (Alwafd) and then the delegation was overthrown and he was released. Soon, he was appointed Minister of Finance, and at that time he said his famous saying: I was once a prisoner in the corners of the earth,, and then became a trustee on its treasures (since he became a minister for financial). 
The same thing happened with Nelson Mandela, the South African fighter who was remained in prison for 29 years, but he was finally released to take office of the president of South Africa and be the first president of color in it. History is indeed full of amazing things.