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  • Thursday ,13 August 2020

Great Egyptian researcher

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Thursday ,13 August 2020

Great Egyptian researcher

 Dr. May Sabry, was chosen a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Immunotherapy Medicine in London, which is one of the best research participants at the Center for Cell, Genetic and Tissue Therapy, University of London. 

She obtained a master s degree in molecular biological sciences and a PhD in cancer immunology from University College, London. She got a grant from the Citadel Foundation for a scholarship to study the response of normal cells to the eradication of the tumor, and she succeeded in obtaining a patent to discover mechanisms to activate natural lethal cells for use in the treatment of cancerous immunity in the post-doctoral period.
Sabry continued to study cancer sciences at the two universities, and is currently leading a team to design and develop cancer immunotherapy treatments. 
Dr. Mai indicated that she is ready to provide assistance and cooperation to all Egyptian researchers and students, and to organize lectures and workshops as soon as she returns back to Egypt. It is noteworthy that the doctor is one of the expatriate Egyptian women, and the great achievement that she achieved abroad led to her selection to join the Scientific Advisory Board of Immunotherapy Medicine in London. 
Greetings to Dr. Mai and to every Egyptian who works hard to serve their country and make great achievements to help humans all over the world. Greetings to great Egyptians all over the world.