• 16:15
  • Monday ,03 August 2020


Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Monday ,03 August 2020


The WHO organization lost its reputation over the last few months and all of that because of different messages that WHO provide to the whole world. One time WHO says there is no solution for Covid19, next day, the same organization says it should be a medicine in a few months to this virus. 

WHO and his chief is very contradictory in all their statements and that shows there is no good management to this organization and the main problem to this contradiction is the negative message that people receive from this statements. 

At the beginning, I was doubting what Trump said about the WHO, however, after several months of monitoring its performance, I have no doubt that there are some corrections that need to happen to this organization.

In conclusion, people around the world need a pioneer to lead them in this difficult time and give them hope not to take it from them.