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  • Wednesday ,29 July 2020

Societal issues

by Nabil Abadeer

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Wednesday ,29 July 2020

Societal issues

 Addressing societal issues related to culture that have taken root in thought and behavior of our community over the years need a clear and insightful vision in order to realize and understand how they were formed and how to replace them.

If we take, for example, the crime of female circumcision, or crimes of harassment, assault, and violence. They are rooted in our society due to many factors, including authoritarian religious thought that discriminate between girls and boys.
While working in the field of development for more than forty years in rural and urban areas, I experienced the prevalence and spread of this culture, passing social classes and educational levels. I found university professors believing in the necessity of female circumcision, and reject to allow women to work.
Facing these issues need perseverance and continuity, and we have two great examples of women Aziz Hussein and Mary Asaad who spend their lives to face female circumcision. 
This is the primary intention of establishing the National Committee to eliminate female circumcision under the joint leadership of the National Council for Women and the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood. We need unity and cooperation to eliminate this problem from our homeland.