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  • Tuesday ,28 July 2020

Blessed Egypt my people

by Ayman Mounir

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Tuesday ,28 July 2020

Blessed Egypt my people

 I have not found throughout history two countries whose leaders enjoy integrity and honor like Russia and China. These countries are one of the members of the Security Council that is controlled by America, but not when it comes to Russia and China.

America owns China a lot of money, but it does not cease to put pressure on the Security Council using the United Nations and its secretary, who is also controlled by the American congress like a doll. I believe that France and Britain may soon rise against the American arrogance.
The purpose of America as Hillary Clinton said is to sabotage the Middle East and establish the Islamic caliphate. They may not realize that Egypt and its people were blessed in the Holy Bible. Its Church was established by St. Mark and has a genuine orthodox faith. It was mentioned in the Holy Bible  Blessed Egypt my People  and its land was visited by the Holy Family as one dear land for God s heart.