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  • Friday ,03 July 2020

River Nile is not a compromising issue

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,04 July 2020

River Nile is not a compromising issue

Unfortunately, I feel that Ethiopia deals with the River Nile issue as a compromising issue and neglects to recognize that River Nile for Egyptian is a non-compromised issue and it’s a matter of life or death not only for the politician leaders but also to every Egyptian.

All what Egyptian needs is to secure their water in the coming centuries and to make sure that they will not suffer from thirsty in the near or the far future, however, the way Ethiopia deal with the situation show that Ethiopia is not serious and trying to delay and avoid all attempts from Egypt and Sudan to solve this problem. 
Ethiopia needs to take this matter seriously and appreciate the efforts that have been done by Egypt and Sudan for trying to solve this issue peacefully because other alternatives are very expensive and might cost all parts a lot of money and human casualties. 
Ethiopia needs to listen to the voice of logic in this crisis and stop being sneaky and tricky in dealing with such problems. Water for any people is an essential need and can’t be compromised and Ethiopia has to recognize that before regretting the past.