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  • Monday ,29 June 2020

America s Fire: The Blatant Message in the Treacherous Events

By-Dr. Eng. Maher Aziz



Sunday ,28 June 2020

America s Fire: The Blatant Message in the Treacherous Events
The great fathers founded the United States of America on sublime values, and great men like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson swore an oath on the sacred right to life, safeguarding freedom, dignity and equality for all human beings, and freedom of religious belief and all constitutional rights, spearheaded by the right to peaceful protest.
They all swore on the Bible as the original spring that established the equal rights for human beings without discrimination or racism.
Since then, swearing on the Bible has become the symbol of preserving civil state principles, and well-established pillars of absolute equality and freedom.
If “excessiveness” in the Police might during the performance of their security duties has led to “excessive” cruelty, “excessive” anger has led to the outbreak of demonstrations in the entire United States for multiple days despite the prompt justice measures applied with maximum penalty,, which should be recorded immediately to the end of the protest.
The "President s" accelerated condemnation of the crime and dealing with it at the federal level as an expression of the highest degree of official senior handling of the sad incident was sufficient to extinguish the inflamed feelings. ...
However, the issue is not free of a stark paradox that we must record...
Those who exploded with anger over the cruelty of a brutal policeman paralyzing a criminal whom he feared his danger, and saw it as heinous racism that ignited their overwhelming anger, are the same ones who were not moved by ISIS racism and brutality as they slaughtered the heads of the innocents at the gates of Syria, Iraq, in Sinai paths, Libya s roads and Nigeria s forests!!!
But if excessive anger goes over to destruction of property, dominance of chaos, looting, igniting fires threatening of innocents and assaulting them, it is no longer anger in a state of excessiveness... rather it moves hence from excessive anger to organized conspiracy and planned sabotage.
In the face of this horrific transition from peaceful protest to planned crime, there is no comparison between condemning ruin and fire and condemning crime... If it is unacceptable that condemning excessive anger really justifies neglecting to condemn the crime itself, then this comparison completely fails before the organized plot and pre-planned sabotage.
Any argument that extreme pressure generates explosion and that it would be unjust and unfair to be astonished and surprised by the size of the explosion and not to be surprised and astonished by the magnitude and ugliness of the violence act that killed the victim, then it would be really proper if the explosion had erupted as an expression of anger in order not to prejudice the right to life, and for the sake of human dignity. But if anger flares up to inflict the sacred rights that it has originally erupted to defend, then what had erupted was nothing but planned sabotage erupting in a radically opposite direction to the noble anger that explodes for the sake of human dignity.
You cannot be angry for human dignity while you are trampling on human dignity. You cannot explode while defending rights and burn all other rights in your explosion. The anger here has completely gone beyond being legitimate, turning into violation of all legitimate rights.
Legitimate anger is that which explodes to demand justice and to demand reformulation of a law to prevent any criminal tyranny and brutal despotism...
This is the legitimate holy anger...
This is the constitutional anger under the law...
However, this was not the scene that developed dangerously...
A peaceful justifiable and legitimate protest started to explode in all the states, and soon Very dangerous signs emerged to create a terrible new reality, establishing a completely new era in the United States of America:
→ Masked groups that called themselves "Antiva" appeared to provoke panic, intimidation and aggression
→ The alarming ISIS flag rose in the streets of afflicted cities
→ Groups called for "Takbir, Takbir" (The Islamic Shout: God is Great) stood in Los Angeles and other streets
→ Unidentified persons stood holding up the Moslem Brotherhood Rab a Al-Adawiya banner in blatant threat
→ Crowds came into Minneapolis in vehicles transporting them from
→ outside for acts of debauchery, destruction and blood
→ An ISIS Pakistani woman or so who was educated in American universities and her fiancé were seized distributing Molotov cocktail bottles (IDEs) for setting fire in buildings, property and people
→ Media channels broadcasted ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood lectures in many cities, preaching that America should have no religion but Islam, and that any other religion should be annihilated, and that America must become the country of the caliphate, sharia, and crushing of the others
→ Fire broke in the archaeological heritage church where all United States presidents prayed adjacent to the White House, in a determined deliberation to announce the abolition of the values that established America, and the establishment of a new era with new values based on bloodshed, racism, and the extermination of others in the name of another savage killer god other than The God of sublime virtue, freedom and equality
→ The scene has become quite different between that old era of an advanced human society, and the coming new one in which the god of blood, the sword and racism reigns
→ The spectacle intensified factors for destruction and devastation:
• The "Obama" group bluntly revealed that they possessed infernal papers in the vandalism scene to prevent Democrats from taking control of the government at any cost, and the “Machiavellian” group revealed its bare truth of political thuggery to exclude the “Trump” group who was seen trying to thwart the arrows.
• the dangerous polarization intensified between the extreme right wing of the Republicans and Trump on the one hand, The opportunist extremist left, which does not refrain from setting fires to overthrow the government and empower new criminals on the other hand; the gap widened threatening of war.
• pressure groups have been defused with an open endeavor to break America s back and fragment its cohesion, where former defense ministers and government officials, currently working for foreign agencies claimed that president is dividing the country, while their dirty hands are doing so openly and in secret
• The ugly face of new immigrants, ISIS and the Brotherhood refugees materialized , impudently threatening the pillars of Western civilization In America, with overflowing antipathy and a firm will to destroy
It seemed evident that the collapsing glory of the one nation in which all immigrants  nationalities melt in a definitive loyalty under the American flag is now being replaced by a broad fragmentation in which each inflowing group is taking refuge in its original values that are essentially and materially in juxtaposition to all the sublime values that are now falling and which have initially crafted the American glory, now threatened by collapse. It became clear that the powerful nation that has earlier smelted diversity was now groaning heavily under the fragmentations of immigrants.
• Such inner shift - from a society of political purity that holds the wrongdoer accountable and straightens the crooked into a society of political corruption that favors the traitor and justifies the unrighteous, emerged to the surface. Such betrayal and such unrighteousness are now two deep stabs in the American political body.
• The scene was predominated by the distortion that afflicted the strong American liberalism which has long been leading the American social cohesion, and the guarantor of its sophistication and humanity. The strength and ability of Liberalism to lead the nation towards unity and exaltation declined, and was replaced by opportunistic liberalism that managed in the negligence of the present and past to occupy the place of the old noble liberalism.
• Instead of going out to the people to support the country s stability and safe recovery from the impasse, "Obama" came out calling on them to continue their insubordination, rebellion, chaos, vandalism, aggression, looting and fire in order for the mobs, marketers, herdsmen, and employers of hatred and evil to make the required change!!! completely ignoring the fact that the future democratic nation only accepts change through a sound constitutional democratic process, and that healing wounds of the affected people cannot use a cheap way to win elections for his party.
• It became clear that Obama did not hide from the political scene except to sabotage the American nation from the inside, and from behind;, horrific sabotage with his poisoned weapons, minority rebellion, the Moslem Brotherhood and ISIS incoming racism and anti-religion atheism of the new atheists.
• The great disaster came in using the obscene security assault incident of controlling a criminal and paralyzing his ability to confront the police, evade them or kill their members taking it out of its legal, right-based and humanitarian framework, and of the framework of exercising the right to peaceful protest against it by the angry groups, and using it for political opportunism, party polarization, and traitorous conspiracy exploitation..
• One of the biggest and most dangerous symbolic crashes ever was the premeditated fire that was set to the historic church next to the Presidential House where all American presidents go to.
It was not just a fire in a church similar to church fires set by the Moslem Brotherhood and Salafists in Egypt during Rabaa and Al-Nahda unrest events, or like any other premeditated orchestrated events.
It is not comparable to church fires accompanying the genocide crimes committed by Boko Haram in Nigeria every day….
It was a fire to unleash the spark of hatred erupting from the outrage of ISIS and political Islamism to set fire to the values that established the American civilization..
These values appeared historically linked to the evangelical principles that established justice, equality and freedom of religious belief, as well as the sacred rights to life and dignity, and to the absolute human character of the state where all races were fused in knowing nothing but the American citizenship..
It was a fire announcing a new era in which the pillars of the civil state eroded to rise above its black ashes the pillars of ISIS Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam.
The president, in a miserable and troubled appearance, tried to cling to the symbol, going out in front of the church, holding the Bible to tell everyone that the pillars that established the American state were still in place, and that the spirit of the American civilization is the spirit of the Bible; and that the principles of the Bible are the spirit of truth for the freedom of all religions. The only spirit that guarantees America would be a united nation under God; free of religious and racial discrimination, where all religions enjoy absolute equality.
He held the Bible as a symbol to defend the right of all religions to freedom and absolute equality on the American soil..
But, sorrowfully, he did that with the burnt out church in the background, with a wide stab wound in his back from treacherous, absent-minded statements that, not realizing the grave symbolism of his action, started condemning him..
The blatant symbol of the fall of the state of eternal human values was reinforced by another blatant symbol that overwhelmed the streets of New York - the center of money and business in America - which, despite the abundance of mosques there, ISIS Salafists took to the streets, with the pretext of performing the absentee funeral prayer, while holding the ISIS flags and raising Raba  sign In Washington, DC.
Someone may say this is nonsense ... because any analysis that maximizes the impact of ISIS, Salafis, and political Islamists in the current events in America has missed to grasp the huge complications that have accumulated and filled the atmosphere with inherent threats until the brutal "Floyd" incident that came like the straw that broke the camel s back. Referral to ISIS Salafism and political Islamism is nothing but a phobia coming from the Arab fiery regions... and the miserable Middle East.
However, such bright statement with its apparent sound logic inevitably deceives us if we examine the historical fact of the ISIS Muslim Brotherhood s rise in America:
→ The Brotherhood s influx to America since the 1950s was fraught with the dream dwelling deep down to the bones; the dream of the ISIS caliphate with racial discrimination flags fluttering on top.
→ The spread of the secret ISIS groups has been rising graspingly slowly,in the American background….
→ Holding sensitive positions in universities, technology institutes and political and partisan settings was an active pursuit, and material hold...
→ The high technology came in the shock of the two sturdy New York towers to reveal the precision technical support provided by the Brotherhood intelligentsia hiding under the ground of advanced American technology…
→ The Obama period was the golden opportunity for their penetration of the White House, and their hold over all American embassies worldwide to prevent the owners of all religions from reaching America, except for those who constitute support on the ground for ISIS and the Brotherhood who controlled the White House…
Yes, their number still does not exceed 5% Of the American population, but their true weight exceeds the weight of 50% of the population.
This tremendous effect is reinforced by their exceptional ability to covert organization and the hidden support provided by the global Brotherhood and the international Da ish, and their unlimited ability to replace the atheistic vacuum of the new atheists, due to the ISIS creed compelling temptation with the sword, bloodshed and racism as a means to world domination, and their astounding harmony with the opportunistic democrats steeped in In the traitorous "Obamanity" allied with the criminal Antiva, the anarchist groups, the liberals, the new leftists, and some executive bodies that have been blinded in their bias against their homeland, who kidnapped the peaceful demonstrations transferring them into to a despicable electoral battle, looking for a mean victory over the ruins of vandalism, blood, fire and the fall of the future American glory..
Though Fleeing to its (America s) bliss, yet intent to eliminate it as though it is not carrying them on its lands or giving them a good life. If it devolves to them, then their greatest dreams would be like desert nomadism: the caliphate as a state, bloodshed as Sharia (law), the political theocracy as a doctrine, the sword and racism as a religion, and camel urine as a potion the eternal ISIS dream.
The world s professorship of brotherhood polarization, if left unchecked to overwhelm and expand, will be destined in a short foreseen time to explode from America to the paved land currently settled in ruling regions in the world, especially Canada and the European continent. The gates of evil gates and springs of devastation will open loose flooding America and the whole world, and there will be no Arc for survival.