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  • Thursday ,25 June 2020

Messages of the president

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Thursday ,25 June 2020

Messages of the president

 President Al-Sisi said in his recent speech that the Egyptian army is one of the most powerful armies in the region, but it is a rational army that protects and does not threaten. It is able to defend Egypt s national security inside and outside the borders of the country, Al-Sisi added.

I believe his reasonable words form an important message on the international level, after converting the Renaissance Dam file to the Security Council after Egypt failed to achieve progress with Ethiopia through negotiations. Security Council can use its authority to cut diplomatic ties or impose economic or military sanctions in case it decided that the Renaissance Dam crisis threatens world peace and security.
The president s speech sends also a strong message to Erdogan who is building bases in Libya and moving his forces to the capital, Tripoli. The message: Egypt is able to protect its borders and that Egypt s and Libya s security is the same.
In fact, Egypt is facing several wars on its western borders, as well as the eastern border, and the southern border. This mission is one of the most sacred for the Egyptian army. There are also some internal wars against rumors, terrorism, and the COVID-19  pandemic. Not to mention the development projects everywhere in Egypt. Therefore, we need to realize the danger of the situation and to support our country as much as possible.