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  • Wednesday ,24 June 2020

War economy

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Wednesday ,24 June 2020

War economy

 Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that Egypt has the right of international legitimacy at this point, based on the United Nations Charter, to militarily intervene in the Libyan crisis.This came during a televised speech at the Western Military Zone while inspecting Egypt s air force and commando units stationed in the Sidi Barrani air base.

I wonder why did we succeed to liberate Egyptian citizens detained in Libya by negotiation, but we failed to negotiate with Ethiopia concerning the Renaissance dam ignoring all our historic rights in the Nile River. 
We may have decided to use military strike in Libya since it s more closer and dangerous right now. On the other hand, Ethiopia needs months to fill the dam and cause direct harm to the Egyptians. Turkey is manipulating Libya and setting its military on its land and water threatening the Egyptian national security. 
We need to discuss if the military option is available with Ethiopia giving the long distance and the Israeli missile system that protects the dam. The intervention in Libya became more understood because of its necessity and legitimacy, which is understood world wide as Turkey is moving hundreds of terrorists to Libya. It also threatens Egyptian security and pride. Egypt has also relied on the Libyan parliament headed by Mr. Aqila Saleh.
What about the legitimacy of military action against Ethiopia? I clearly see that reaching it is sought by Egypt through a UN Security Council resolution preventing Ethiopia from filling the dam, and this will give Egypt justification to take military action against Ethiopia that do not implement the decision of the military council.
The last question, is our suffering economy because of Corona virus is able to suffer more because of a war. Will the people tolerate more increase in prices, lack of food, and losses because of several wars at the same time? I know we have to fight this war, but we need to make it quick and painful in order to avoid its negative effects.