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  • Monday ,22 June 2020

Waiting for September to come

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Friday ,19 June 2020

 Waiting for September to come

Everybody is hoping that September comes with a vaccine for COVID-19 according to several statements by officials in America and Egypt. Oxford confirms that it will produce more than four hundred million doses of the vaccine for Europe and America. Trump is repeatedly asking to accelerate the pace of work in the vaccine in America, while for American s good and for his own interest as the elections approaches.

120 countries announced they are reaching a vaccine, but sadly Egypt was not among them. Our country cares more about building churches and mosques as well as roads, but health scientific research and education are not yet among our priorities!
Furthermore, I am a bit worried about how will we receive September with lack of commitment to the preventive measures. I wish we will not lose many of our beloved by next September, but it looks like our beloved government is willing to open the door before the virus to kill as much as possible of our people. I know that many countries are suffering, but I am afraid the powerful ones could not stand, how much more it can hurt us.