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  • Friday ,19 June 2020

Egypt and River Nile

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,20 June 2020

Egypt and River Nile
It seems that Egypt is facing real challenges in many issues, Libya from one side and Ethiopia from another side, however, in my opinion, the Ethiopian issue is more serious and is a real threat to all Egyptians. 
We need to greet Egypt for the diplomatic efforts that have been done so far. Egypt has exhausted all means to convince Ethiopia to have agreement with Egypt and Sudan before starting in running the “ Nahda Dam”. 
Recently Egypt has resorted to the security council in the UN as a last resort after Ethiopian refused all suggestions and ideas to reach an agreement, and there is no doubt that resorting to the security council was a smart idea from Egypt to force Ethiopia to get back to the negotiation table. 
Ethiopia from her side acted quickly and tried to resort to the african union and request Egypt to stay away from the Security council and Egypt agreed to do that under one condition which is to reach to an agreement at the end. 
In conclusion, I want to assure that a war will never end any conflict that’s why Egypt and Ethiopia have to adopt a peaceful approach.