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  • Thursday ,18 June 2020

You are no better

By-Maged Souss

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Thursday ,18 June 2020

You are no better

Police sometimes have to use violence when dealing with some dangerous people who may harm officers and kill them. This doesn’t justify the murder of George Floyd which revealed hateful racism inside the American society, which also exists in severel countries around the world. 

The peaceful demonstrations soon turned into violence that extended into the looting of shops and the burning of police headquarters and cars, which may reflect the interference of several parties like the rival Democratic Party of President Trump, Islamic organizations or even American leftist organizations. It should be noted that the four officers whom are accused of killing Floyd include Americans of white, black, Asian and Mexican backgrounds. This means they have not intended to kill the man, but the use of excessive force led to his murder.
The funny thing about the majority reactions in our Arab world is that everyone rushed to condemn the American government and accuse it of racism. Those who practice racism on daily basis didn’t feel ashamed to condemn the others being racist. They have forgotten about the persecution of Copts in Egypt and Shities in all countries with Sunni majority. 
I had a friend who wanted to marry a Sudanese woman, but many people bullied her for her skin color. Yet, I was surprised to find her mocking the skin color of those who have darker skin color! Our societies are full of racism, not only color, but also religion and faith. Many people think they own the keys to heaven and authority to allow and prevent people from entering!
Bullying and racism are the world weapon of evil to destroy humanity leading to chaos and civil wars in some areas. We need to pray for those who suffer from racism and bullying all over the world and not only in the USA