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  • Thursday ,18 June 2020

Arab League denounces detention, abuse of Egyptian workers in Libya


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Thursday ,18 June 2020

Arab League denounces detention, abuse of Egyptian workers in Libya

 The Arab League has condemned the detention and abuse of a group of Egyptian workers in Libya.

Footage circulating in recent days on social media appears to show militias loyal to Libya’s internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) assaulting tens of Egyptian workers in the western city of Tarhuna.
The Arab League welcomed in a statement on Tuesday the GNA’s statement in which it vowed to arrest and punish the perpetrators of what it described as a "criminal act".
The video has sparked outrage in Egypt, prompting Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel-Aal and Emigration Minister Nabila Makram to promise a proper response to the incident at the right time.
On Tuesday, the United Nations raised alarm about the incident, while calling for an investigation.
In its statement, the Arab League also expressed concern over the discovery of a number of mass graves mostly in the city of Tarhouna in recent days.
Eight mass graves were discovered in an area evacuated this month by rival forces allied to eastern military commander Khalifa Haftar, AFP reported. The UN said it noted the discovery "with horror".
 “A source at the Arab League warned of the danger of reprisal killings on the fabric of the Libyan society and on the success of the political course and ceasefire efforts,” the statement said.
“The source also emphasised the illegitimacy of methods of detaining, insulting, and torturing civilians, both Libyans and non-Libyans as a means of delivering political messages,” the statement added.
The Arab League also expressed its readiness to cooperate with the Libyan authorities in both incidents.
Egypt has supported east-based military commander Khalifa Hifter who is fighting the forces of the UN-backed government in the capital, Tripoli.