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  • Tuesday ,16 June 2020

Pope Tawadros and taking communion

by Dr. Magdy Shehata

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Tuesday ,16 June 2020

Pope Tawadros and taking communion

 As the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Thus, many preventive measures were taken everywhere including the shut down of churches and suspend of its services. Yet, Pope announced in a television interview that the Holy Synod may decide  to change the way of taking communion and abolish the Mastier (the spoon used in the Coptic rituals of taking communion)

Christianity is not dead, and all living things are subject to change and development. Moreover, Jesus Christ didn’t use such spoon on Maundy Thursday, and the Church doesn’t use the spoon upon delivering communion to the patients at home and hospitals. 
Therefore, it is normal to change things that have nothing to do with the pure Christian faith and we trust that the Holy Synod will make the right decision for the church and the congregation.
In the past few years, many people try to judge the church and attack Pope Tawadros and the bishops. I we like to judge, we have to judge ourselves before judging church fathers who are already suffering a lot and are in dire need for our prayers instead.