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  • Tuesday ,02 June 2020

Questions about George Floyd

by Dr. Magdy Shehata

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Tuesday ,02 June 2020

Questions about George Floyd

There is no doubt that racial discrimination between humans and persecution of people is totally unacceptable. There is no real difference between people based on color, race, religion and sex. Yet, people accept them because of delusions and mental perceptions.

The truth is that all human beings belong to one human race, and will give account before the one God on the dooms day. This is justice that all people should work to achieve. There is no difference between mind, behavior and efficiency of the people based on their skin color. Thus, many black skinned people won Nobel Prize as well as many outstanding writers, artists, and athletes.

Many American states are witnessing mass demonstrations calling for the punishment of those who killed the black-skinned American citizen, George Floyd, which is a horrible seen spread all over the world. Peaceful expression should be guaranteed, but some protesters used the events to storm and loot shops, burn and vandalize public and private property. They burned and destroyed cars in a scene that offend the memory of George Floyd.