• 10:27
  • Wednesday ,13 May 2020

Too blind to see

by Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Wednesday ,13 May 2020

Too blind to see
In the great Egyptian movie, the Kitkat, Hosni the blind man meets with Obied, another blind man, but doesn’t tell him he can’t see. Rather, Hosni convinces Obied that he has a strong sight and tells him: I wish you can see what I see!
It was hilarious, but we can find similar people in our life. To each regime, there are opposers and supporters who might benefit from this regime or fear its punishment. 
During the days of the July 1952 revolution, there was a team who supported the revolution with enthusiasm, and another opposed it, attacked it and criticized it (this team was imprisoned and punished later).
After the death of Nasser, many of his supporters announced their rejection and opposition to his regime. Even Sadat, who was his assistant and was known for being loyal to him, started to attack him and his policy. The same happened after the assassination of Sadat and the overthrown of Mubarak.
Those who currently support president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, have changed their minds concerning previous presidents like Amr Adib, Mostafa Bakry, Makram Mohamed Ahmed. Thus, their credibility should be questioned.