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  • Wednesday ,13 May 2020

Egypts Sisi praises nursing staff amid battle against coronavirus


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Wednesday ,13 May 2020

Egypts Sisi praises nursing staff amid battle against coronavirus

 Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi praised on Tuesday the role played by the country’s nursing staff in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak, as the virus continues to infect medical staff in the populous country.

“Speaking for myself and the Egyptian people, I express appreciation and respect to the nursing stuff who have made sacrifices for a noble humanitarian mission, which they are carrying out honorably,” El-Sisi said in a Facebook post to mark International Nurses Day, which falls on 12 May.
The president said that the efforts by nurses in Egypt in this “difficult period proves their competence and their devotion to the nation and its people.”
The president’s statements came hours after Egypt’s Nursing Syndicate announced that a sixth nurse has died from coronavirus.
Egypt fears the virus will strain its medical capabilities, as a rise in infections among medical staff has been reported over the past few weeks.
The World Health Organisation said last April that infections among medical staff represent around 13 percent of the total infections in Egypt.