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  • Tuesday ,12 May 2020

Corona and the renewal of cultural discourse

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Tuesday ,12 May 2020

Corona and the renewal of cultural discourse

 The crisis of Corona virus revealed the true abilities of the countries and its administrative, scientific, research, intellectual, economic, and human capabilities. The crisis directed all countries towards the need to develop such capabilities to overcome the problem and turn it into a blessing to achieve benefits among the great losses.

This is what the Egyptian government has been doing since the beginning of the crisis and has made outstanding victories so far. We hope that our Egyptian government will continue its success in dealing with the disaster.
Despite the massive media support (public and private channels) with intensive campaigns to teach the people how to deal with the emerging epidemic, some people criticize the continues closure of the houses of worship, without appreciation for the gravity of the situation. They should have supported the decision and kept praying that the epidemic comes to an end. Instead, I find some clergy praising the achievements of the Corona virus and how it should lead us to reopen houses of worship instead of useless politics and art!
I only agree with the extremist clergy that we should resort to God and hold our prayers, but this doesn’t mean to abandon life and make fun of all other measures and science.