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  • Tuesday ,05 May 2020

The disappearance or kidnapping of Christian girls

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Tuesday ,05 May 2020

The disappearance or kidnapping of Christian girls

 I wonder why the Ministry of Interior insists on not returning the advising and counseling sessions, which will help get rid of such dilemma of families of the Coptic girls. They keep worrying about their daughters and never know if they are kidnapped or just decided to convert into Islam.

The sessions are held in the presence of a Christen priest and a police man to advise and discuss the decision with the person who wants to convert. In many cases the person accepts the advise and changes his or her mind. This has changed after the story of Waffa Kostantine, wife of a Coptic priest. The extremist Muslims said she converted and became a Muslim sister, while the extremist Christians say she has never converted. Yes, she declared she will always be Christian and her story came to an end. However, the minster of interiors Habib Al-Adly, decided at that time to cancel the sessions.
Ever since, the families never know if their daughters were forced by any means to convert since they suddenly disappear and suddenly appear in a video declaring their conversion. I was part of a team who filed a law suit to restore the advising and counseling sessions in 2005, but no court has issued a ruling ever since.