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  • Friday ,01 May 2020

Inspiring story

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,02 May 2020

Inspiring story

Sometimes you need to learn from others especially those who are simple and not complicated. Lately my sister was telling me a story about an old simple lady in upper Egypt who goes every day in front of the church and prays.

I was just contemplating this story and asking myself how many people thought about this idea. We all may be thought to go to get groceries and make sure that we have enough for months, we all make sure that we do our work and all necessary staff, however, how many of us thought to go and just pray in front of the church a simple prayer.
Sometimes life teaches you lessons and one of the important lessons we learn from this story is to be humble and simple because humility leads to simple faith and on contrary pride leads us to stubbornness.
As Jesus said if you are not like a child, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus wants us to be like children in their humble and to believe without doubt.
I hope we all look and contemplate this story as an inspiring story especially in that difficult time we all live in the current moment.