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  • Monday ,27 April 2020

Is not about America

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,26 April 2020

Is not about America

Everyday we read about theories that announce the end of America as we are in a war against America not against “Covid19”. People still don t feel that we are facing a serious disease and instead to focus on fighting this pandemic we started to analyze what s after Covid19.

People have the right to analyze the future after Covid 19 but not to wish and dream for America to die after this pandemic. It s well known that after any pandemic there are a lot of events that could happen such as famine, wars or changing regimes, however, this doesn t apply only to America but to each country. 
America is the most country suffered now from Covid 19 and that might lead to big changes politically and economically, but will that lead to the death of America! I doubt. 
America is not the only country that will suffer from the consequences of this pandemic, but all Europe and the whole world will suffer economically and politically from this disaster. 
In conclusion, I believe the world is going to change after this pandemic but it s not about America but it s about the whole world and focusing only on America means we are short sighted.