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  • Thursday ,16 April 2020

Corona ethics

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Thursday ,16 April 2020

Corona ethics

 Corona virus that killed thousands of men putting a challenge to all scientific, cultural and financial achievements of men. Man, who thinks of himself as superior to the rest of the creatures is powerless to stand up to the tiny virus.

Under this tragedy, we find people refusing to allow a funeral of a doctor to pass by or to bury her body thinking she is too dangerous for their lives. However, it is known that the virus can only transfer through living people. In fact, the demonstration to prevent her burial is one violation of safety procedures to face the virus. 
We find other people demonstrating in Alexandria to face the virus, and now others are demonstrating to stop a funeral. We don’t give much concern to science, and follow superstition. The same people who prevented the burial of a woman don’t follow the most simple rules of social distancing and personal hygiene. It is contradiction that should be investigated before it is too late.