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  • Tuesday ,14 April 2020

Resurrection and closed churches

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Tuesday ,14 April 2020

Resurrection and closed churches

 Christ is coming on a colt to visit our open hearts as churches are closed. Let’s offer our properties and pure hearts under his feet as the people of Jerusalem received him on Palm Sunday. We may avoid shouting crucify him with the Jews who were stupid enough to believe they are more important than Jesus Christ. Just like some people who visit the church on the feasts to be praised for doing so by church leaders instead of being humble and thankful to be allowed in the house of God.

Those people were expelled by Jesus Christ from the temple since they trade on the house and its Lord. On the contrary, God opens his house and arms for the simple whose houses and hearts are opened churches at all times. It was written by Al-Maqrizi in the eleventh century when the ruler Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah closed the churches of Egypt for nine years, but one day he wandered around houses of the Copts to see how the decision affected their faith, but he heard praises and prayers coming out from all Coptic houses. The ruler said: Let them pray as they wish, because I wanted to close a church in each street, but today I discovered that my decision opened a church in every single house!
The churches are now closed due to the epidemic, but the Lord will gather us shortly to wash us the legs and hearts since he loves Egypt and its people. Egypt was mentioned 560 times in the Old Testament, and 24 times in the New Testamenet. Many times were its people and its cities mentioned in the Holy Bible. Many Happy return to the blessed Egypt His people.