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  • Monday ,13 April 2020

Reopening the economy

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Sunday ,12 April 2020

Reopening the economy

The whole world now has nothing to talk about except opening the economy, from what I read about different pandemic in the past that a lot of countries rushed to open the economy and that caused a lot of death to happen more than before.

For Example, when the Spanish flu started, many states in the US rushed to open the economy and unfortunately that caused more death than the benefits people get from opening it.
It  s understood that a lot of people got hurt because of this pandemic, but when we compare the number of people who could die if we open the economy, we will have not doubt that we shouldn  t.
The US and other big economies are the most hurt from this pandemic, that  s why, they are the most countries looking to open the economy and I believe it is not a wise decision.
 In conclusion, we have to understand that we need to determine our priorities, and humans and people should come as our first priority.