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  • Wednesday ,08 April 2020

Corona and individuality

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Wednesday ,08 April 2020

Corona and individuality

 Despite the spread and the suffering of the Corona virus epidemic, many people are still wandering in the streets for no good reasons. Many women in popular areas allow their children to play in the streets as if they are in vacation.

It seems that the story of people’s failure to adhere to moral standards and public procedures existed many years ago. It was documented in a social study by the researcher Yaqoub Fam, entitled ‘Studies in ethics of raising boys’. The study was prepared more than 70 years ago. The researcher says that individuals in developed countries makes every effort to make its residents comfortable. He mentions a story about his trip to the USA where he and his friend were riding a car and using a powerful torch to light the way. sometimes the writer pointed it at houses, but his friend rebuked him assuring that this mistake may annoy people and wake them up. The writer said that in developed countries people can’t do this or even use the horn at night for the same reason.
It should be known that laws are not the only reason his friend wanted to respect others, since such laws come to assure what is already respected in the society. This should be reflected in the current crisis of Corona virus as people should care for the others, and not only for their own benefits.