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  • Wednesday ,25 March 2020

Just a note

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Wednesday ,25 March 2020

Just a note

 For the second time in few years, Egypt imposes curfew ‬, but it should be noted that special procedures need to be taken. The government should think how many hours are needed for the people to buy their basic needs.

Are basic commodities available for a period of time, and their prices should be kept low since many people are not working and they are not able to work and provide for their families. 
From one side, those who work for the private and public sector should receive their wages in order to be able to provide for their families. From the other, what will happen to thousands of those who work on daily basis. 
I hope this scenario won t make the people angry and bored due to the curfew. This way there will be extra burden on the security forces. I think we need to raise awareness among the people of social distancing.