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  • Tuesday ,24 March 2020

I wish I can freeze time

by Abdel Moneim Badawi

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Tuesday ,24 March 2020

I wish I can freeze time

 Looking at the clock and hearing its clicks as if they are hitting my face. I imagine having power to freeze time, but I know I don’t have it. 

I have many questions in my head: Where are we going? when that crises will come to an end? This pandemic proved we are very weak and life is very complicated. We are like a tiny gear in a huge machine.
I believe that the life will not return to the original situation after the crisis is over. Those who will be lucky to survive the pandemic will have to face collapse of the stock market, sharp decline in oil prices, high unemployment rates, increase in the public budget deficit, the high value of the domestic and external public debt, high inflation rates, increasing price of dollar exchange rate, which may reach 50 EGP, collapse of real estate and land prices. Dear gentlemen, the situation is very serious, not only on health, but on all other aspects of life.