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  • Friday ,20 March 2020

Egypt and Coronavirus

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,21 March 2020

Egypt and Coronavirus

The world nowadays is panicking about Coronavirus and trying to take cautious measures and impose emergency around the country, however, Egypt, unfortunately is not taking serious measures to prevent this disease from spreading. 

For example, the government announced closure of coffee shops and restaurants from 7pm to 6 am which means that restaurants and coffee shops will work for almost 12 hours a day and in my opinion that is very long hours for the seriousness of this disease. 
Also, the government still allows its people to work half time while all other countries are preventing people not just from going to work but from going outside. 
From what we have witnessed in Iran and Italy, Egypt needs to wake up and take very serious steps and prevent people from going outside.
The government must announce its program to face such disease economically and from a scientific side. We see all prime ministers and presidents around the world announce everyday their program and the latest news they have and they share with their people. 
Egypt has to wake up early and pay attention before it s too late. The disease is spreading quickly and rapidly all around the world.