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  • Friday ,13 March 2020

It s time to show love

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,14 March 2020

It s time to show love

While coronavirus is spreading like an enemy everywhere, its time for all people to show their love and sympathy with others who are infected or scared to get this fatal virus. 

The life taught us to learn from our mistakes and to not repeat them especially the tough one, sometimes disasters comes to review ourselves and our priorities we are taking in this life.
Soften your heart and be kind to yourself and to others are real keys to the change you might seek now days and the stories we hear everyday from around the world about how people try to help their neighbors to get them what they need are real examples of what we need to do now days.
People are worried about their lives and that s normal but there are some lessons to learn from this experience beside being worried about our lives.
We need to decentralize ourselves and this is the best time to do so, it might be difficult time but it s the best time to review our vision about life and people around us.