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  • Friday ,14 February 2020

Happy Valentines Day

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,14 February 2020

Happy Valentines Day
Love is a nice word to say but it s a hard act to practice. You can find a lot of people talking about love and how it s important and that we can t live without love but unfortunately we don t see them practice this love in their life. 
Love her not necessary to the wife only but to the family and to others. On this day we all wish to have someone to love and be loved but if we have this one sometimes we become carless to take care of it. 
On that day some people just care about getting gifts while others care about getting nice words and the core point is to give more than you take in this day because this is the ultimate love. 
People in that day mostly think about people they love but would be more deep if you looked for people that you have trouble with and tried to forgive them and show them your love. 
I know it s not an easy mission to do but this is the only way to practice real love is to not love who knows that you love them but who they feel that you don t.