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  • Thursday ,13 February 2020

First love

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Thursday ,13 February 2020

First love

 Many people talk about love, but they don’t really realize what it is. Creative American novelist Raymond Carver described love as spiritual feeling, physical relationship or familiarity. It is several feelings that we have each time differently. I myself have fallen in love several times and experienced this feeling in various ways.

At the age of 13 years old, I fall in love with the daughter of the neighbors, who lived with her family on the first floor of the building. She was incredibly beautiful, or so I saw her. I didn’t see her much except through coincidence meetings at the entrance to the building, or when she paid my sisters a short visit.
One day, I played a small role in a TV series, and she met me and was very proud of me. my heart couldn’t stop beating and I realized ever since that love is a story that can’t be explained. 
By time, I realized that she was simply an ordinary girl, but I saw her outstanding because I loved her, even because I didn’t know her very well. It looks like we love more when we know less!
My father told me a funny story about a girl that he saw her face from her window on his way to school, but finally realized she was a doll! Love is what we believe it is and we see our beloved person as we want to see and not as he or she really is!