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  • Friday ,07 February 2020

Is there an end to this tunnel?

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,07 February 2020

Is there an end to this tunnel?

With what s going around in Syria, Iran , Iraq, is it possible to see an end to this tunnel. Unfortunately, Turkey is going on its own way to destroy Syria in the name of Kurdish people.

Russia is so burdened that Turkey bought a lot of weapons from it and it s a good market for Russian weapons. Iran is involved in many conflicts in the region and can t leave these countries after all what Iran did. 

For me, I can t see any end to this tunnel so far and especially that the US doesn t have a strong will to finish any of the war in the region. I m not here putting US as a reason but US could have played an important role to each to agreement between conflict parties but the US doesn t want to play this role now. 

It seems also that the UN gave up in trying to gather all parties and find a solution to this war which started almost 10 years ago. 

I see that the international community is very to play any role in such conflicts and that s why I don t see any end to this tunnel.