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  • Friday ,07 February 2020

Encyclopedia about St. George

by Samia Ayyad

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Friday ,07 February 2020

Encyclopedia about St. George

 The monastery of St. George for nuns in ancient Cairo issued the largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia in Arabic documenting the biography of of the Saint.

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II said that it is the greatest Arabic reference in the history of recording the biography of this great martyr. The book is a study in 96 manuscripts written in five different languages which are Coptic with its dialects, Bahriya, Syriac, Greek, Abyssinian and Arabic. These have been translated into the Arabic language, and many of these manuscripts date back to the sixth century.
The study has varied in this book consisting of twelve chapters including a study on the icon of the saint, a study on the melodies about the saint. The book introduced new facts about the saint like the king who tortured him was Danyanus and not Diocletian, and that he was martyred in Iraq in 268 not in Lebanon 302 AD as it was known before.
Indeed, we are proud of this distinguished work that proves that the church and monastery can be a spirtual universities providing great scientific research.