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  • Thursday ,06 February 2020

Crazy world

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Thursday ,06 February 2020

Crazy world

 The Secretary-General of the United Nations accused all member states of not implementing Security Council and international law decisions on international and non-international armed conflicts taking place in Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Syria. He said that such violations proved the failure of the Berlin Conference to impose the ban on supplying weapons to Libya.

Egyptian people were proud to find their President among leaders of the world, some of whom proved to be insane. Now, Turkey has established a military base and sent more than 1500 fighters to Libya based on an agreement with the Siraj government and its terrorist parties to combat the second terrorist party Haftar!
Now, the Egyptians are proud to find their country occupying the ninth place in the world  armaments. It is true that the international law did not prohibit the possession of weapons but rather banned the export of arms to areas of conflicts in order  to achieve international peace and security. In short, Peace is not possible without weapons and power.