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  • Wednesday ,05 February 2020

Preserving culture

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Wednesday ,05 February 2020

Preserving culture

 Through an important press investigation on examples of the retreat of the role of cultural houses in Al-Watan newspaper, the editor mentioned the burning of Bahr Aazam culture house in Giza as an attempt to attack culture houses and enlightenment. Yet, the house was rebuilt and expanded 8 years later to include many segments, galleries, grand library and open areas. 

I was thrilled to hear the comment of Dr. Inas Abdul Dayem, Minister of Culture, on the library that it includes about 7500 books in various knowledge, sciences and literature, and the last floor includes an open area for open cultural activities. She added that several books and magazines in Braille for the blind offering adults and children culture and knowledge. 
Media has to support cultural work in Egypt unlike ministers of Media and culture competed under Mubrak regime. 
Finally, the General Authority of Cultural Palaces is one of the cultural institutions with a prominent role in providing cultural and artistic services. It is an Egyptian body that aims to participate in raising the cultural level and directing the national awareness of the masses in the fields of cinema, theater, music, literature, folk and plastic arts. It provides activities of children, women and youth in the governorates.