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  • Tuesday ,04 February 2020

Religious discourse

by Oliver

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Tuesday ,04 February 2020

Religious discourse

 Conferences of Al-Azhar institution held under the slogan of renewing religious discourse is only an attempt to improve its image without a real desire to change the current situation.

The current religious discourse is a terrorist speech that intelligently selects its words, so that people may think it is different from ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
In fact, Al-Azhar is only a political tool and an intellectual terrorist arm of institutions described as terrorist in Europe, such as the Organization of Islamic Countries.
Claiming that it represents Islam gave it bigger role than it deserves that it became a state within a state. Thus, its public fund should stop and its schools and universities should be transferred by law into regular educational institutions.
The war on terrorism must bear in mind that terrorism inhabits this edifice called Al-Azhar that claim to be moderate, but is too far from moderation.
Sheikh Al-Azhar s boycott of the speech of the President of Cairo University is more like wasting his blood only because the university president dared to demand the renewal of the Islamic mind before renewing the language of the speech. Sheikh of Al-Azhar decided to move to protect the entity that generates billions of dollars even it becomes the biggest challenge before developing the Egyptian society.