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  • Monday ,03 February 2020

Conditions surrounding Trump peace plan

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Friday ,31 January 2020

Conditions surrounding Trump peace plan

 After everyone thought it came to an end, Trump decided to declare his peace plan causing great controversy among supporters and denouncers. Yet, nobody tried to read the situation through its two parties, one of them is approaching elections at the end of the year to be re-elected President of America, and is in bad need to get the support of the Jewish lobby in America. 

The second party is the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has been Prime Minister of Israel since 2009 and will enter this year an election to secure in which he tries to secure a majority in the Knesset, who almost lost his majority in the previous elections. He is also facing charges of corruption that may lead him and his wife to prison. 
On the other hand, we can find the recipients of the offer are seeking protection from Iran, such as the Gulf countries, and more countries are threatened, divided, torn apart or seeking American protection and fund.
The Palestinians are also divided without a state and work under  a weak government. Even Egypt is threatened by the Renaissance Dam though it offered a lot to the Palestinian cause.
In short, the general situation for everyone is bad, and if it is a deal it is an electoral deal for its sponsors, and a protection deal for the Arab party. Politics is now a trade to give and take.