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  • Friday ,31 January 2020

Building future

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,02 February 2020

Building future

Building a future is not something easy or an easy process. A person has to evaluate his abilities and try to see how he can achieve his goals using these capabilities.

The same thing for any country, any country must set goals based on its capabilities and the abilities of their people.
 Unfortunately, with whats going around the world right now from wars and chaos, countries exhaust their resources not in building futures but on contrary in running futures for the coming generation.
You will see people of any nation always seeking to immigrate somewhere because they are looking to build their future somewhere can value their abilities and their capabilities.
In the Middle East, we try to exhaust our material resources or our human resources in wars and conflicts, however, nations never can achieve any progress through wars and conflicts.
Building a future is not an easy process and takes time and effort to shape this future and that what all new generations seek but unfortunately, people in charge cant.