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  • Thursday ,30 January 2020

Andre Zaki: Egypt plays a leading role in coexistence

Nader Shoukry

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Thursday ,30 January 2020

Andre Zaki: Egypt plays a leading role in coexistence

Dr. Reverend Andre Zaki, head of the Evangelical Community in Egypt and head of the Coptic Evangelist commission for Social Services, concluded his visit to Sweden and Germany, after meeting a number of prominent leaders in civil society and leaders of Arab Evangelical Churches. 

During his visit to Sweden, Zaki met Archbishop Antje Jackleen, Archbishop of Sweden, and discussed with him the most important conditions of the Arab region and the effective role played by Egypt in light of the challenges facing Arab Christians. He also met with the Ambassador of Interfaith Dialogue at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs MS Ulrika Sundberg. They discussed several issues including the challenges of the region and the positive role of Egypt as a model for coexistence.
In Germany, Zaki met with the Director of the Middle East file at the Ministry of International Cooperation Dr. Claudia Warning, and Dr. Bernhard Felmberg, President of Civil Society and the Church Organizations.