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  • Wednesday ,29 January 2020

Our cultural identity is in danger

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Wednesday ,29 January 2020

Our cultural identity is in danger

 It is unfortunate that we find some important values collapsing in our society, with many people with no culture leading media and spreading ignorance in the community.

We can see such danger when we ask our youth about the great Egyptian writers and thinkers like: Muhammad Abdo, Taha Hussein, Al-Akkad, Tawfiq Al-Hakim, Naguib Mahfouz, Sayed Darwish and Salama Moussa. They don t even realize who they are as if we are infected with some virus to destroy our cultural identity.
Those writers are the authentic cultural symbols who presented enlightenment ideology and participated in building this country. Now, the media is presenting bad models who lack knowledge and morals as well. This happens with the retardation of education, culture and art.
This makes me say that our cultural identity is in danger since it is a number of cultural and epistemological accumulations, including the knowledge that comes from the traditions and customs of the family and the community surrounding it. I think that there is a plan to destroy our cultural identity, which is implemented slowly and effectively. Thus, we have to take care before we lose our customs, traditions, civilization and history.